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Spirit Board - DEADNAME (Single Review)

Wow. Deadname by Spirit Board. It's not every day I feel a song on such a deep level. It's also not often I find good music from a trans point of view. How has this band gone under my radar until now?! It perfectly captures the struggle myself and many other trans people have gone through of accepting ourselves and staying true to ourselves despite people around us not respecting who we are. Damn. It brought back so many feelings from when I was younger and when I'd just come out. This song is so freakin good. Musically it's really good too. The riffs are fantastic. The clean and scream vocals are just great. I really really enjoyed this song, and I hope that it might help people understand what we go through, as well as bring some comfort to other transfolk who feel alone. I promise you're not. Ok I'mma go cry now. Anyway. Listen to this song!

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