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The Neuro Farm - Metamorphosis (Single Review)

DC based goth rock band The Neuro Farm recently released a new single off of their upcoming album. "Metamorphosis" is a beautiful dark disco rock song about how we change over the course of life, and sometimes we need to sit and ponder it and accept that nothing remains the same infinitely. This is such a good, and often, overlooked message. Every experience we have, every struggle we face, and even time itself, changes not only our outlook on life and how we view ourselves, but we ourselves also change. I feel like this song is coming from a very mature outlook on life that most music doesn't even begin to grasp. Especially nowadays. The song itself has a fantastic beat to it, hauntingly beautiful vocals, and some almost transcendental synths, all complimented perfectly by some killer riffs. I enjoyed this song a lot. It's so catchy and relatable and I just love it. If this is a glimpse of what's to come, I can now confidently say that the album they're working on is going to be an absolute masterpiece.

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