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Vision Video - In My Side (Modern Horror Version )(Music Review)

Oh my gods! I love this so frickin much. Goth dad and his band of weirdos, Vision Video, are back with a re-imagining of their song "In My Side" with a spooky twist and a fantabulous video! This is, without a doubt, the best zombie music video I've personally seen since Portuguese goth metal band Moonspell's "I'll See You In My Dreams" came out a few years ago. In a world where zombie deadite things are absolutely done to (un)death, it's nice to see them well done and with a unique take. The sfx and filming and editing and everything is superb! The song itself is also great. They changed the tone of the bass and made the keys more horror-esque, and just the sound quality between this and the original song shows a massive upgrade. Not that I'm saying it's bad at all, I just feel like the new version is a lot more clean. This is without a doubt Vision Video's best work yet, and I can't wait to see what they do next. Also Fangoria??? That's crazy cool!!! The morale of the story is, even if you might be late for soundcheck, don't take an off the beaten path shortcut, you might end up a zombie!

Image credit: Still frame from the music video for In My Side (Modern Horror Version) by Vision Video 2023 directed by Elwood Quincy Walker.

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