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Volbeat and Ghost: Worcester DCU 2-11-22 (Concert Review)

A few days ago I saw two of my favorite bands, Volbeat and Ghost at the DCU center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Holy hell was it a good show! Unfortunately life happens, and I was unable to see Twin Temple do the opening, but I'm sure they kicked ass. I'd honestly forgotten how dark and satanic Volbeat actually is, and was very happy that they kept to that theme throughout their set and made it match with Ghost's theme. They sounded incredible! I especially loved when a piano player and sax player came up out of the stage for a couple songs. It was not only unexpected, but super cool.

One thing that definitely sort of surprised me, as well as warmed my heart, was when Volbeat stopped the show because there was a couple drunk idiots in the front getting into a fight. The whole band stopped simultaneously as soon as the frontman told them to, and he gave the drunkards a hard time. I absolutely love it when that sort of thing happens. It shows that the artist actually gives a fuck about their fans, which is great.

During the half hour intermission, I was able to creep my way closer to the stage, which I was very happy about. I hadn't heard Ghost's new song "Kaiseron" yet, but they opened with it, which was really cool. But I liked it even more when they played some classic songs that the whole crowd knew and sang along with. Papa was the same seductively smart ass that he always is, and for sure everyone in that crowd's taint was properly tickled.

I had an absolute blast, and got some great photos. I definitely look forward to next time I get to go to a show, and next time I get to see either of these bands. Not only is their studio stuff amazing, but both of their stage presence's are absolutely epic. If you've got a chance to catch one of the dates on this tour, I definitely urge you to go. If you haven't heard Volbeat's "Servant Of The Mind" album from last year, go check it out, and also be on the lookout for Ghost's new album "Impera" which is coming out on March 11th.

Photos taken by Gangis on 2-11-22 at the Worcester DCU Center.

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